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Caution! These Electrical Blunders Could Be Disastrous

Caution! These Electrical Blunders Could Be Disastrous

Caution! These Electrical Blunders Could Be Disastrous


Feeling a spark in a relationship is good, but feeling a spark when you’re dealing with electrical wiring can be  life-threatening.

Today, we need more gadgets and appliances than ever before. That means more wires. But we all still want a home that looks mind aesthetically, so all these wires are properly hidden or cloistered. In that process, certain wiring mistakes take place.

Here are some common electrical careless mistake that can lead to shocks, short circuits and even fires.

Connections outside the electrical box

electrical blunders

Electrical junction boxes are value as they protect the wires and protect us from them. Wire connections are guarded opposition to damage and sparks are also kept under control. The box also controls heat that is usually caused by a loose connection or a short circuit. If connections are made outside the box, you can install an electrical box and reconnect the wires inside it. That said, too many wires  pack into a box can also cause overheating, short-circuiting and fire. It’s a good idea to first puzzle out the size of box you need and get a larger one installed, just to be safe.



To make the house look neater, we make holes in the wall or by the window and insert wires through it. Or we get a thin tunnel-like cover running through the

electrical blunders

 house with all the wires hidden inside. Overfilling should be avoided as stuffing too many wires together corrodes their coating protection. This means that when the wire is pulled out, it can cause resistance burns on the insulation jacket.

Safe from Nails


electrical blunders

This should be done during the planning and building of the house. Try to maintain a gap of at least 1.5 inches between the wooden frames and the cables. This way, when nails are drilled into the walls, the wires do not get  perforate or punctured.


Loose outlets

electrical blunders

Loose switches or outlets not only look bad but can be exceptionally dangerous. These outlets can move around, causing wires to loosen from the terminals, form arcs and overheat. When the outlets are fixed, the connection should be tight


Mixing voltage wires

electrical blunders

Most of us do not know the relation between wires and appliances . Though high and low voltage wires should be separated, they are usually  mixed all together. This is very dangerous if telephone and electronic appliances interfere with low voltage wires and line low voltage wires.

These mistakes can be a safety hazard so when the home is getting planned, make sure all these topics are taken into consideration. And if you ever have any electrical problem with your existing house, don’t try to fix it yourself – call an expert.

Heard of any scary electrical accidents that could have been avoided? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Caution! These Electrical Blunders Could Be Disastrous

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